The Life of Birds (BBC series) -download-

“Birds are the most accomplished aeronauts the world has ever seen. They fly high and low, at great speed, and very slowly. And always with extraordinary precision and control.”
David Attenborough

This Magnificent series celebrates the incredible variety of the world’s best loved creatures and provides fresh insight into their fascinating way of life. Three years in the making, David Attenborough travelled around the globe, visiting 42 countries from the Arctic to Antarctica to uncover the private life of these conquerors of the air. The Life of Birds is a BBC nature documentary series written and presented by David Attenborough, first transmitted in the UK from 21 October 1998.


The Life of Birds (BBC, 1998)


01  "To Fly or Not to Fly?"
02. "The Mastery of Flight"
03. "The Insatiable Appetite"
04. "Meat-Eaters"
05. "Fishing for a Living"
06. "Signals and Songs"
07. "Finding Partners"
08. "The Demands of the Egg"
09. "The Problems of Parenthood"
10. "The Limits of Endurance"

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